Electroless Nickel Plating Kit

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  • Put Real Nickel Layer Onto Steel, Iron, Copper, Brass, Tin Parts
  • So Simple - Just Like Boiling an Egg
  • Mix Chemicals and Heat On Hotplate or Burner
  • No Fumes or Dangerous Chemicals
  • Full Instructions Included

Product Description

Electroless nickel plating requires no anodes, power supply or electrical connection of any kind. The process simply entails mixing together some solutions, heating them to just off the boil, and then immersing the part to be plated. An auto catalytic electrochemical reaction takes place and the nickel is evenly deposited all over the part being plated. The thickness of the plate will depend on the duration of immersion. To stop the reaction, remove the part from the solution. Like all plating, the brightness of the plate depends on the brightness of the part before plating. The brighter the shine initially, the brighter the shine after plating. Numerous variations of the final finish are achieved by changing the surface preparation. Electroless nickel plating is not new; it has many applications in industry. Because the system plates evenly over all areas of the part, even down tubes and holes, it is frequently used to plate firearms and small hand tools. For the motorcycle restoration enthusiast, electroless nickel is a great tool for evenly plating the air cooling fins on many engine blocks, particularly older Indians & Harleys. Electroless nickel plates at an approx. rate of 1 mil (1/1000") per hour. Indoor decorative applications will need approx. 0.25 mil or 15 min. of plating. As the baths are used, nickel depletes from the solution. You will need to replenish this periodically, using our unique method of calculating the nickel loss. Additions to the solution may be made with small quantities of Part A & Part C. Contains: 2 x 4 Qt Glass Lined Tank (8" diam x 6" high), Thermometer, Mist Control Balls, Electroless Nickel Concentrate - part A 8 oz, Electroless Nickel /KromeTM Concentrate - part B 12 oz, Electroless Nickel/KromeTM Concentrate - part C 8 oz, END Plate out disposal concentrate 4 oz, 2lb SP Degreaser, 2 Steel Plate Out Pads, The Caswell Plating Manual,

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